Feed your hair: Green People’s Quinoa Collection

Ahh, beautiful quinoa. We love it in salads and porridge, and now we can love what it does to our hair! It’s time to review Green People’s new collection, featuring the Quinoa & Artichoke Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Quinoa & Avocado Styling Gel. And if you like what you read, you’ll be extremely excited […]


A new project revealed…

It’s always exciting to unveil a new project and doubly exciting when I know it’s one you’ll all love too. And how do I know you’ll all love this one? Well, it’s a project with a brand I know so many of you are fellow fans of. A company run by one of our industry’s […]


TreeVitalise: all about Birch Water

Don’t you just love it when an age-old health remedy makes its way to our shores? And all the better when it’s a tasty one. It’s time to talk Birch Water… Before I introduce the above, I’m eager to share a few findings re the medicinal benefits of birch. This tree – which thrives in […]


Let’s collaborate!

OK beauties, things are getting busy and exciting. And I need your help! Read on to discover the latest collaboration opportunities across Buff Creative. They’re divided into two sections, so please read each in full before getting in touch. UPDATE: 23th Aug 2015 Hi all, by the time you read this I will have tweaked […]


Life after the pill

Girls, I need your help with this one! I write this post just shy of three weeks after taking my last pill. That’s right, I’ve finally broken up with the oral contraceptive… The ‘finally’ spells the first time in my adult life I’ve spent more than the standard seven day break without it (and I […]


Starve the ego, feed the soul.

Life is such a mischief; I swear you should never make a plan for it tempts the little gremlins to get to work on their countermeasure. This week has seen the gremlins borrowing my Mac – and only copy of Photoshop! – for some repairs. While I can’t share any of my planned posts, I […]


Moringa Spinach Salsa

Hands up if you’ve heard of Moringa. It’s one of those new-to-many ingredients that has in fact long been enjoyed as a nutritional health product around the globe. Native to Africa and Asia, Moringa oleifera is part of the Moringacae plant family. And it’s one of the most nutritionally potent products known to man! Moringa […]


Kiss Me I’m Vegan!

Be sure to grab your guys and gals today, for it’s International Kissing Day! I say any old excuse to add a dash of colour before spreading the love! And I’m here to take you through some glorious all natural, all vegan, and all fittingly-cheekily-themed, options… Coral Me Maybe? For: coy gals and budding romance, […]


NEW Lavera Exotic + 7 Summer Beauty Tips!

So it’s appeared, summer has this week made its sticky arrival in the UK! And let’s face it, the slightest change of weather evokes a spot of beauty panic among us Brits who are well versed in handling middling weather conditions. But panic no more, there’s plenty you can do to keep your beauty cool, […]


Recipe: Maca Froco Papaya Boats

I’m not going to lie, I got in a big mess creating and photographing today’s recipe! The lesson is never to work with frozen goodies on one of the hottest weekends of the year. That said, the results mean neither Mr B or I regret my mess-making. Here’s introducing… Maca Froco Papaya Boats! An intriguing […]


It’s a Vegan Life: Jul/Aug edition

Newsflash! The latest Vegan Life has hit the newsstands, and it just so happens to contain a travel piece by yours truly. For vegans yet to read Vegan Life magazine, what on Earth is going on?! You seriously need to hotfoot it to your local newsagent now! Or just buy your copy online if other duties […]


New to the UK: Neek Vegan Lipsticks

Girls, I have great news. We have another hot little vegan beauty brand on the market…one that’s only just made it over to the UK…meet Neek! And Neek Skin Organics Australia – currently a four lipstick line – is sure to summon some excitement with its Australian made, organic ingredient-filled products that are ‘tested on sisters […]

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