Fast food superfood!

My relationship with my kitchen was certainly born out of necessity. After all, it’s hard to eat a clean, gluten-free and vegan diet without dedicating a fair bit of time to chopping and prepping each day. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve grown to relish this part of my life (and that’s not something a younger me […]


What’s on my desk?

It’s official, I love freelance life. Really, if any of you have been considering making such a move I positively urge you to find a way of making it work for you. I’ve actually got my brother to thank for telling me to just get on and do it (so, thank you Simon!), and now […]


Lazy Days & seaweed soaks

This post is a bizarre combo of a long time coming meets swiftly written! You see, Voya’s beautiful box has been neatly nestled in my drawer since the summer. Yep, August; it’s been waiting for me to book myself in for another home spa day. And I’m still waiting for such an occasion. So, on finding […]


Back to Mio: the fit girl’s guide to beauty part 2

So, I almost committed (an inadvertent) blog sin by not following up on a promised post. And it really was inadvertent, as in I actually thought I’d already posted it! Please tell me I’m not alone in doing this? Anyway, let’s crack on with two more products from the ever-so-fantastic Mio High Intensity Bodycare range. […]


Sexy vegans in the news. Or are they?

“Green is the new black: how veganism became sexy in London”… I cannot tell you how excited I was to see this title on the London Evening Standard, with Rosamund Urwin exploring the ‘rise of the crunch bunch’. As for the content, well that’s brought rather more confusion. Read on my beauties, and see what […]


6 tips for healthy hair styling

We’ve not long talked about how a healthy scalp helps you grow thicker, longer hair, but what about the styling side of things? Well I can tell you now you can (and should!) forgo those silicone serums and plasticky sprays in favour of products that will actually help you achieve your hair goals! Talking of […]


Peaceful moments & matcha tea

Hmm, so what do we have for you today? I can tell you this is part calming and healthy living inspiration and part review, alongside a lovely discount for you (and that I’ve so enjoyed putting this one together)! Peaceful moments… Don’t you find the promise of spring stirs a little something in you? It […]


How to get thicker, longer hair (with John Masters Organics)

Tell me, are you embracing the new crop of shorter locks à la Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (wow, what a cut!), or are you working towards epic lengths as per Instagram’s boho set? Either way these styles call for texture, which requires a spot of volume, which requires a spot of scalp care. The (basic) science Each of your body’s […]


News, tea, plans, & a crazy sense of calm

Why hello Buff Beauties. I have some news to share with you today… I’m now officially a full time freelancer! Last Friday saw me depart the office I’d spent just under 7.5 years in (entering as a temp and leaving as Office & Marketing Manager). And I can tell you it was rather an odd […]


Get well soon: your clean & vegan cold & flu recovery guide!

Sorry to go AWOL on you! Life has taken a turn for the challenging of late and the content plan has drifted out the window, along with most of my new year goals. It all started back in jan when an old fitness injury not only recurred, but combined with tension (overwork and lack of […]


The fit girl’s guide to beauty: introducing Mio High Intensity Bodycare

We recently worked up a nice little sweat together in our ultimate apartment workout, so now it’s time to thank those muscles with some soothing remedies. You know what this means? It’s time you meet my new love: Mio, the ‘High Intensity Bodycare’ range! You may associate Mio with mums and little ones – and you’re […]


ECO. argan hair oil reviewed

Has anyone else recently become a TK Maxx convert? It’s quietly found a little spot in my mind that pings whenever I need a random item, from tupperware pot (a clean eating prep essential!) to sports bra, to exfoliating mitt. The TX Maxx beauty section is quite a treasure trove in itself, and you’re now […]

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