Vegan in Berlin: part 1

OK, so I totally didn’t plan for my next piece to be a vegan travel number, yet my recent trip (and an email request from the delightful Eve of Eve Organics!) kind of dictated this one. So, I’m going to tell you all about my fifth trip to Berlin, and my first as a vegan. […]


Lunch is on me: supporting Lunchbox Gift

It’s hard to deny that Ebola is a world health crisis. With such a death toll and such a risk of spread, this is by no means a ‘distant’ problem, as much as a global issue that we should all be doing our bit to address. Today, over on we shared a simple way of […]


Buff Beauty on going vegan!

So here it is. The big life-changer of a decision that I teased you with in the last post – I’m now VEGAN! Why? I have to say this decision is an awful long time coming and it’s something that’s crept into conversations with my husband and friends over the past few years. Something that […]


A life-changing juice cleanse (& some new juice!)

OK, so the title of this post is more about something that happened on the juice cleanse than the cleanse itself. That said, the discovery of Fruveju has been somewhat life-changing in that it’s offered me a healthy way to hit that reboot button we all crave. I ran a super detailed account of my first cleanse (Fruveju’s […]


Blog life balance: how do you make it all work?

This weekend saw the cumulative effects of three weeks of poor sleep. Each small task took so much energy and effort that it left little time to get online and tackle the blog to do list. The annoying thing is that much of this poor sleep is the result of a super wired brain (too […]

Buff Beauty 2014

One year in: lessons learned from eating clean

It’s official, today is day 365 of eating clean! I started to write how I’m quite proud to have stuck with it, however, ‘proud’ really isn’t the right word. Instead, I feel incredibly lucky. Not only has eating clean changed my health, it’s deepened the focus of this blog, and even I’d go as far […]

Halo Headband UK Sports Hats I Buff Beauty

Halo Headband Sports Hats Reviewed

I’d go as far as to say a good sports hat is an absolute fitness must. Whether to keep your hair out of your eyes as you whip along the roads, or the sweat from pouring into them as you really fire up your workout. Of course, they also come in somewhat handy when nipping […]

Bodhi & Birch Bath & Shower Therapies I Buff Beauty

The new Bodhi & Birch Bath & Shower Therapies

Watching Bodhi blossom into Bodhi & Birch has been something akin to watching a sweet girl transform into a beautiful young woman. The brand – which continues to hold strong in the eco luxe community – has lost any trace of naivety, growing sleeker and infinitely more sophisticated in its appeal. The taller bottles topped […]

3 Paleo Snacks I Buff Beauty

Three tasty readymade Paleo snacks

If there’s one thing I miss about my old diet it’s the ease of snacking – the ease of dashing into a store and grabbing something on the fly, without scrutinising endless shelves and ingredients lists. And this is where the new breed of readymade and Paleo friendly snacks come in very handy indeed. Now […]

Angelique Pangos I Buff Beauty

Healthy Bites: Angelique Panagos

Healthy Bites has to be one of my favourite Buff Beauty series to date. We’ve already delved into the wellness secrets of models and health coaches and today return with insights from London Nutritionist Angelique Panagos. Now I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Angelique for a little while (this feature really has been rather […]

Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash

Beauty Voyage with Balance Me

Long time Buff Beauties will know I’m a big fan of Balance Me and in particular the Super Toning body range, previously featured here (and here!). So, when I caught wind of the company’s ‘Beauty Voyage’ comp, it didn’t take long for me to decide what to feature. Before we get on to the product in […]

Buff Beauty Summer

Summer haze & muggy days

We’ve hit that funny time of year when the days alternate between blazing sun and sticky downpours. All in all, the beauty doctor calls for lightweight and refreshing products that’ll put a zing in our spirits whether we’re skipping along to a picnic or dodging the next monsoon. Here’s the pick of the season… Bodhi […]

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