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NEW Lavera Exotic + 7 Summer Beauty Tips!

So it’s appeared, summer has this week made its sticky arrival in the UK! And let’s face it, the slightest change of weather evokes a spot of beauty panic among us Brits who are well versed in handling middling weather conditions. But panic no more, there’s plenty you can do to keep your beauty cool, […]


Back to basics: Green People skin essentials

We’re getting back to basics today. One of the questions I most commonly receive has to be that of how to create a good natural skin care routine. Oh and this is mostly accompanied by the question of budget and price tag. And it’s a very fair question indeed. After all, it’s jolly expensive to change […]


Industry innovators & beauty delights

My what a beautiful day to be blogging. The June sun combined with this song on repeat has taken me to full on whimsical highs (one of my favourite mental states, and one I really must do more to encourage!), and led me on a solo stroll up into the hills of Bath. While strolling I found […]


Honest beauty with zk’in

You may have noticed many recent mentions to brand ethos, and you’re going to see yet another today. When you think about it, a solid ethical identity is a core differentiator of the natural and organic beauty industry. This isn’t to say there aren’t those brands creeping in who are just about making the big […]


All about Eve: a Q&A with the founder of Eve Organics

We’re back to one of my favourite posts, the interview, with one of my favourite online friends, Eve of Eve Organics! Now there’s an awful lot to admire about this stunning soul. Eve is one supercharged business woman (juggling her natural beauty retail site alongside Honours studies in Psychology and well, you know, the rest […]


The daily look: all vegan make-up

My what a pretty topic we have for you today – vegan make-up! Now the above isn’t just my pick of what I’m loving right now (although it is also that!), it comprises the actual contents of my make-up bag. I know as a beauty blogger I’m supposed to be fond of foundations, shadows and […]


Yes To: vegan skincare

I’m often asked for advice on accessible beauty solutions – those products that not only offer an ideal starter for those looking to clean up their beauty act, yet those that can be conveniently purchased. Say, something you can find in Boots, or order at the same time as your ASOS Green Room stock-up, or […]


Blog watch: clearly conscious

Welcome to the first in our Blog Watch series – a chance to introduce you to some new faces and places from the wonders of our World Wide Web! I’m thinking if you found yourself scrolling the pages of Buff Beauty you’ll likely enjoy getting a little lost in some related reads. We’ll visit three […]


Spring skin glow with Odylique

Hands up if you still haven’t done your spring skin MOT yet! I know I keep reminding you, yet you’ll be so grateful to have taken those five minutes to yourself when summer rolls around. And this particular piece comes dedicated to anyone who ticks the box next to ‘a spot more glow please’, whether for […]


Trendspotting: vegan beauty with Liz McCarthy

You know I love a good interview, well I really think today’s is a great one! And here’s why: We have the pleasure of hearing from a true natural beauty industry champion,’s (ever so innovative!) CEO, Liz McCarthy. We’re honing in on the hottest of topics as we delve behind the raw and vegan beauty trend. […]


Bump busting & body beautifying with Beyond Organic Skincare

Before we talk body beautifying, I have two unrelated titbits to share… We’ll start with the one that may be most enjoyed by fellow bloggers (and certainly any brands/PR agencies who’ve discovered this post while searching for bloggers!), 11 Ways to Boost Your Blogger Relationships (and Business). For those of you who only know me as a […]


Super spring detox with mattsupps

Is this it? Have we actually managed three posts in one week? Ooh, let’s see how long we can keep it up! On to today and we’re going to continue our spring detox theme with a helping hand from mattsupps. Founded by Matt Hancocks, a health and fitness coach with more than 17 years’ industry experience, mattsupps […]

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